The Purple Guy

Keith Mason


Heart - Soul - Freedom

If your life feels overwhelming and chaotic…

Transformational Change

happens here…


A bold claim – though true. You are hard wired to learn and grow, to explore and develop, to challenge and to move away from constraints and limitations…


Your Heart Matters

…if you desire a more fullfilling life!

1:1 Mentoring with Keith

The Ultimate Relationship is the one you have with yourself.

I will help you master your energy, find calm in the chaos, become clear in your choices and achieve better results. Together we will find how to set yourself free in life and business.

The 7 Pathways

Your experience of the world is unique to you. Find out why you feel alone, not understood and constantly disconnected from others and even yourself.

Discover deeper levels of understanding, acceptance and connection.

Tools for Life

Short, sharp and effective. These tools help you change your energetic state and find new ways to respond to the challenges of life from a new perspective.


Why Heart?

Having an open heart, gives you more fulfilment and more meaning in your life.

Your heart influences your body, your mind and your emotional landscape. It defines how you show up in life, both inwards to yourself and outwards to the world.

Your heart speaks through your emotions and is the embodiment of your life experiences.

Healing and expanding your heart allows you to uncover who you are and authentically express yourself, live in flow and create the life you desire.