Laugh at Yourself

Life can be a Giggle…

Who is Keith?

My Passion is Energy – in all it’s forms.

Whatever energy we take to our life, determines our experience of life.

I love mentoring, healing, and building the bridge between Heart and Mind for people to find themselves, create a sustainable and fulfilling life, open and access their heart, speak and engage with their soul.

Where I came from..

Born and breed in Wellington with a passion for cars from an early age. Our family consisted of 6 children under the age of 5, I was the only boy and 4 of my sisters were a set of quads. Life was about survival and getting through the day – I was lost within the chaos. It gave me incentive to start my first business at 13, at 17 (while still at school) I had several employees and was earning good money.  I loved it, the deals, the money – my creative juices were alive! Nothing else mattered to me…

A marriage, time with my two children, my health, all came into my life and drifted away in my drive for success…

There are some song lyrics – “I am a weirdo – I don’t belong here.” That’s how I felt until my world blew open at the age of 38. The pictures and deep knowing carried through my childhood in dreams, suddenly became accessible, along with interactive voices in my mind and a deep wisdom settling in my heart.

Along with that, came an ability to feel and see the energy connections between everything and everyone. This embodiment of subtle frequencies of energy then catapulted me into the meta-physical/spiritual world.

Boy! That was hard and challenging… and unbelievably exciting.

I felt like I had finally found who I was. Suddenly my monthly turnover of $1,000,000, my goals for my businesses, my $250,000 salary, my living in the future and drive for success, my push for more, was no longer attractive or satisfying.

I stopped, sold everything, reset my life and entered a place of exploration, stillness and reflection.

Leap frog 28 years or so – now two grown children, some failed and some successful relationships and businesses, travel, a spiritual retreat in the country for 10yrs, a teaching and healing centre in the city – you will find me touring the country in my bus.

I have travelled to many of the energetic power spots in the world, led spiritual tours, worked with the Hopi Indians, taught channelling and healing, spoken and interacted with nature, animals and the elements.

I have transformed businesses by reading and shifting the threads of energy between staff members, teams, and employers/owners.

I have supported people through burnout, depression, suicide, confusion and general loss of direction and helped them to find their way back to their heart, to love themselves, heal personal, family and relationship trauma and ultimately find their purpose.

I have healed and supported parents with new parenting models and run courses and workshops through NZ and Australia on personal development.

Through all of these experiences, I have been amazed at the power and wisdom that reside inside each individual’s heart… and also the “stickiness” of external conformity, values, expectations, judgements and the need for approval and identified success.

I believe that – “Unity without the celebration of individuality is conformity”.

You matter – your heart matters – you are unique and the world needs your individuality.

I invite you to reach out if any of the above resonates with you.

Much love all ways