Perceptly’s Creative Improves ROAS and Unlocks New Audiences


Increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Decrease in CPA in Core Women Audiences


Increase in Men's share of new orders


Zenni Optical is an American online retailer specializing in affordable, high-quality prescription eyewear. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Novato, California, Zenni has revolutionized the eyewear industry by offering a wide range of stylish glasses and sunglasses at budget-friendly prices.


Zenni wanted a partner that could deliver creative diversity at scale in order to improve efficiency and unlock new audiences.


After analyzing historic performance and competitors, we tested different messaging and creative styles which produced the desired overall increase in ROAS. Our campaigns also unlocked new audiences where Zenni had historically been underweight and found efficiencies for existing key audiences.

Our ability to produce original content at scale allows us to test creative variants across message and creative options and then quickly iterate and scale with winning combinations.

Preliminary testing of messaging & creative styles to find a winner
for Blue Light SKU

Iterating & scaling with winning variant

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