One step Into the Heart
is Courageous

One step out With Heart
is Leadership

How I can help you on Your Journey

We don’t know
what we don’t know…!


We do know that life can disturb, hurt, damage and even close our Heart – depriving us of success, flow and a fulfilling life.

We all need a little help sometimes to become aware of what we have suppressed and hidden away from ourselves. Sometimes we’re stuck, have created limiting beliefs and our success just seems too far away.

I understand how this happens through my own experiences AND I can show you how to reverse this state quickly.

  • If you feel lost in our ever-changing chaotic world…
  • If your relationships lack intimacy and connection…
  • If you want more success and achievement…
  • If you want to awaken your authentic inner voice…
  • If your health is calling you out on your lifestyle choices…
  • If Spirit has reached out to you or you just don’t know what to do with the voices in your head…
  • If money, success, sex and other distractions are no longer enough… when depression is too much… or your world just needs something different…

Reach out and I will walk alongside you as we change your life.

I have supported people through burnout, depression, suicide, confusion and general loss of direction. I have helped them to find their way back to their heart, to love themselves, heal personal, family and relationship trauma and ultimately find their purpose. 

I have healed and supported parents with new parenting models and run courses and workshops through NZ and Australia on personal development.

I have transformed businesses by reading and shifting the threads of energy between staff members, teams, and employers/owners.

You matter, your heart matters and you deserve a fulfilling life.

Let’s chat and see if we connect.

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Short and Sweet

Tools for life’s challenges

Recharge Yourself

Boost your energy with this powerful session.

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Feeling tired and run down? This is the session for you!

45mins of pure Heart energy shifts you into a powerful and uplifting state.

You will feel lighter, calmer and able to focus. Life’s troubles will seem less overwhelming.

Available via Zoom, by phone or in person by arrangement.

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Personal Boundaries

Build better boundaries to maintain your energy and sense of self.

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Learn where you loose energy, get enmeshed and the beliefs behind it.

90mins of Magic – cut away the cords and empower yourself with this tool.

Available via Zoom, by phone or in person by arrangement.

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Reflect & Reposition

Discover and dissolve blocks and limiting beliefs.

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90mins of exploration, reflection and new perspectives. New choices will emerge and you will be energised into action.

Available via Zoom, by phone or in person by arrangement.

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Clear Your Energetic Field

Attachments, people’s projections and lower frequency energies distort our experiences.

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You will learn how they attached to you, participate in their removal and feel cleaner, lighter and clearer.

90mins of entity, old connections or intrusion removal.

Available via Zoom, by phone or in person by arrangement.

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Online Groups

Heart YumYum

Merge into the silence and expansion of unconditional Love and Heart energy.

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Using powerful group energy, individuality dissolves and you experience the Quantum Field within.

45mins embodying Love, held weekly via Zoom.

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Soul Magic

Expand into Soul Space and experience who you really are.

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Not for the faint hearted – this group experiences the Spiritual Realm through Source Consciousness. You will dissolve many human constructs as you merge and make known the unknown.

90mins weekly via Zoom – by invitation only.
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Our mentoring journey together both supports and challenges your beliefs, attitudes and experiences. We learn to follow that internal whisper inviting you to become more.

As you access your Heart’s Wisdom, your inner landscape emerges and helps you create a purposeful and fulfilling life. Your clarity, strength of purpose, and self love will develop as you bring your external world into alignment.

 You will enter a state of ease, joy and grace. My purpose is to support you on that journey.

Let’s explore what’s happening in your life, what’s awakening at the edge of your perspective and vision, what your heart aches for and who you desire to be – and see if I can help you get there.

Block and Belief Buster

Targeted, direct and specific to the situation you’re having challenges with.

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We all fall into a rut, a recurring situation, or struggle with something new and challenging – that’s just life.

Find it – Shift it – Live it.

My clear and direct style takes us to the core issue quickly. Together we will unconditionally explore the narrative and experiences that created the situation.

We will release and reframe the blockage in your mind, physical body and emotional world, anchoring space for new choices. Once resolved we will create a sustainable plan for you to integrate into your life.

This package consists of three 90min sessions online via Zoom or in person by arrangement.

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7 Pathways

Understand your unique view of the world and how that impact your relationship with others.

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Conscious Leadership

Empower Yourself – Transform Yourself – Become Yourself

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My most popular mentoring program due to the co-creational aspects that makes it safe, personalised and aligned – thus supporting you in becoming a more authentic, integrated, heart centred, effective and successful leader.

At this level it is accepted life is an interwoven matrix of personal, family, business and societal experiences and that changing one area of life impacts others.

With a strong EQ, Energy and Metaphysical basis, this mentoring program creates the necessary tension for breaking through old beliefs, limiting behaviours and old narratives.

Due to the depth of this journey and to ensure integration into your life, a minimum commitment of 3 months is required.

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Walk with a Master

The Physical to the Meta-physical – Bridging the human realm to Source through consciousness.

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My signature program – by invitation only, as it is tailored towards those who are in the process of awakening to the nonphysical aspect of their core life force – their Soul.

As this awareness emerges from deep inside by longing, knowing, sensing, or seeing – it often stimulates an outward urge to be of service.

This invitation is actually an urge to be of service to oneself… 

The planet and Human Consciousness expands as the doorways to the Higher Levels of Consciousness are embraced by an Awake and Conscious Soul embodied and anchored in the Human Realm.

This program offers everything within my other programs AND includes a strong experiential and practical interaction with the Metaphysical and Spiritual Energetic worlds.

This journey walks you through every aspect of who you believe you are. This requires a minimum commitment of 6 months.

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Coming Soon…

Watch this Space

Online courses, energetic tools, guided meditations and more to enhance your experience of life.