This testimonial is to show my gratitude for Keith Mason’s ongoing support of my journey here. I have been awed at times with the depth of knowing that flows from Keith. He appears to have the deepest well of wisdom to draw from and his wise support at times has been deeply appreciated. Keith knows how to push me over the edge of my comfort zone, he sees my potential and wants me to feel this also and so he is incredibly good at ‘stretching’ me across my ‘self imposed’ boundaries, (my limitations), and at the same time I feel  the depth of his love for me. There is something very special and unique about Keith Mason.  It cannot be named, but that uniqueness is definitely felt!  When I ask him who he is he is very clever at answering me by telling me very little, possibly because I might not be ready to hear it, or he could ask me why the need to know? I know him as a deeply sensitive man, a deeply wise being, a galactic warrior of huge courage, a keeper of secrets and deep truths, and there is a feel of ‘the Ancient One’ with Keith. I have always found him to be calm and still, edgy and to the point. Gentle, but strong. Deeply loving and a very generous man. He gives his time freely when needed, but never gives himself away. He is a beautiful example of love in action, is highly discerning, loyal to those that deserve it and always honouring of another’s personal pain and trauma. He is a man I have come to love and respect deeply, and even though in this lifetime we have not long met up again, I know him well from past times. Thank you Keith for the gift you are to me.